Solid ground on your path to enlightenment

Leaving a thirty-year law career behind as her children left the proverbial nest, Camilla embarked on a journey, not only of self-discovery, but new adventures. As her children got older, she went to night school and obtained a MS in Nutritional Sciences. Her initial goal, once college tuition had been paid,  was to ultimately help others live a healthy life based on finding a holistic balance in body, mind and spirit. Insatiably curious, she had always studied and sought to understand the origins and evolution of spirituality, religion, legends, myths, lore, and the evolution of societies and social constructs. Her personal journey took her from the city to the countryside. There, she spent a year tending a three thousand olive tree orchard, making organic extra virgin olive oil. Embracing this newfound connection with nature she also became the proud owner of chickens and sheep and found herself watching every magnificent sunrise and sunset. Writing, painting, taking photographs and travelling also became a part of her new life. Travel too her to Uganda for six months in 2018 where she volunteered with orphans.  To date she has two published books: Divine Love – Ascension Through the Divine Heart and A Gardener for Humanity. She has several more to come, including The Rise of the Divine Feminine and Earth Angels. Her unique journey to stepping into her Authentic Self comes from, of course, all her life experiences, but especially the last ten years which had many unexpected and often challenging life experiences that uprooted her from the complacency of a “safe” but unfulfilling career to a new life which embodies her belief that we are all deserving of Unconditional Love and which recognizes that we are all Divine Children. Her latest new chapter is as a radio talk show host on Beacon of Light. And, she would tell you, that just proves her point: You have to let go of what you think it should look like. The Universe has much bigger plans for you than you can even imagine. New Day. New Dawn. Bring It.