D.N.Frost is an author, counselor, and spiritual artist from Austin, Texas. Over 15 years ago, she began exploring the notions of quantum physics and how the energy of thought is the driving force behind the physical reality of our world. This led her to her passion for uplifting others by empowering them to understand and harness the immense power of their own thoughts. To do this, she teaches awareness and various mindfulness practices, so her students can create the space and clarity to lead more deliberate lives. 

D. has authored several books, including the Tales of the Known World fantasy saga, where the magic works like the energy of thought and spiritual principles guide the unfolding stories. Her goal is to provide entertainment for the enlightened age, crafting resonant adventures that inspire readers to discover spiritual truths for themselves.She also empowers others through tarot card readings, and she provides spiritual counseling to people seeking their own answers to life's most puzzling questions. 

Visit her at DNFrost.com to download her free ebook or schedule a tarot reading, and email her at dnfrost@DNFrost.com to ask a question or say hello!

Solid ground on your path to enlightenment