Diana Serafim



Diana Serafim was born in Romania on the 23rd of May 1969


She is the daughter of a famous Doctor with large international activity in children rights and protection


She studied Management in Economics at the University of Romania, with and obtained a degree in 1995


From 1995, she worked in Dubai as a sales assistant for a Romanian company until 2002


 In 2002 she came to Germany, together with her 4 years old daughter


During all these years in Germany, she worked in the Financial Department in a British Conference Company


Through her education, travels and studies, she has learned to communicate in six languages


As a single mother in a foreign country, she always tried to find the best way life could work . . . It all began with the fundamentals questions : who are we?  Where do we come from?  Why are we here? And what can I do to make a better life for my daughter?


For the last 15 years, when ever there was time available outside of her work, she has read, studied and practiced in the area of her research and study such as: Meditation, Spirituality, Vibrational and Holistic Medicine, Epigenetic, Quantum Medicine, Neuro science, Quantum Physics, The Unified Field and the effects of this now emerging science on us who exist in this Field, and how we are all connected.


She is a Truth seeker, and now likes to share her experiences and this new Knowledge with the rest of the world and the seekers who are open to experiences in to the unknown and the unseen of the Universal Mind.  This new understanding has completely changed her life and her understanding of "The All”.


And now she is a host on the International Radio Talk Show, The Universal Consciousness Show, on the Internet, and soon to be syndicated