I grew up in Linden, New Jersey. Growing up wasn’t easy. Many of the situations, hardships and struggles others were fortunate enough not to experience became a part of my daily existence.  However, even though having to endure such adversities, I always found myself wanting to help others feel better, to believe in themselves, to understand that each new day given is a new chance to change their lives, to never let anything stop them.  Circumstances arise but they don’t have to define who you are and who you ultimately become. The desire to help others became my driving force and pushed me through sickness, pregnancy, personal loss, low self-esteem and self-doubt to obtain my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Rutgers University in 1999. During my time at Rutgers, I was a member of Psi Chi and the National Honor Society in Psychology.  In 2004 I received my Masters in Clinical Psychology from Capella University and went on to complete a PhD in Psychology in 2015. 

As my desire to help others continued to go unquenched, I decided I needed to further my scope in order to fully service all with whom I would come in contact. As a result, in 2015 I became a certified Life Coach and thus the foundations of Your Symmetrical Self were born.  Helping my clients to find the balance, harmony and beauty in their lives so they can become the EMPOWERED, reborn individual they’ve envisioned; their Symmetrical Selves.

This isn’t just a career but a passion, a desire to offer people something that I never had - a hands-on, motivational, transformational life coach and lifestyle changer who will be your therapist, cheerleader and the friend that many need but can’t seem to find. 


1998- Member of Psi Chi- The National Honor Society in Psychology
1999- Bachelors in Psychology- Rutgers University-Camden
2002- Certified Teacher of the Handicapped
2004- Masters in Clinical Psychology- Capella University
2015-  PhD in Psychology- Capella University
2015- Certified Life Coach- Results in Coaching
Member of Delta Phi Epsilion Sorority
Member of the APA
Educator for 15+ years with the Trenton Board of Education


Each day granted, a new seed is planted! Let the sweat from your hard work be the water your dreams need to grow! Never allow your right now to become your forever; PERSEVERE, for learning and striving is your way of evolving to becoming your true Symmetrical Self!

Solid ground on your path to enlightenment