Solid ground on your path to enlightenment

As a lifelong clairvoyant, Jeanette has been seeing and communicating with angels and other spirit guides since she was a small child. Throughout her life. She has used this wonderful connection to improve and help with her life path every step of the way. Since her formal training with Dr. Doreen Virtue in 2007.  Jeanette has been able to translate her gift into many channels to help others. She 
completed her mediumship training in 2008, with Doreen Virtue and her Professional Spiritual Teacher Training with Dr. Steven Farmer, also in 2008.  In 2009 Jeanette became a licensed Love Yourself Heal Your Life instructor and in 2013 became a certified Heal Your Money Story coach and is now offering classes and coaching on both.
It is Jeanette’s heartfelt desire to help everyone learn how to work with their angels EVERY day to co-create their perfect life. Everything is so much easier. In a reading with Jeanette you will get answers and guidance from your angels and spirit guides. She also uses Spiritual Response Therapy to assist in releasing past life programs and issues that no longer serve you.

Jeanette’s radio show, The Soul’s Edge has appeared on Soul’s Journey Radio and KKNW in Seattle and is now proud to be featured on Beacon of Light Radio.

You are invited to visit and join any of her Facebook pages: River Angel Ranch, Women’s Spiritual Retreats, The Soul’s Edge and Angelcircle. To keep up with her current offerings, visit her website at

It is been Jeanette's dream to combine her two loves, rafting and angels into moving retreats for life transformation. When we allow our angels to assist us on a daily basis.

Her first book, 
Dancing Around The Soul’s Edge is the story of how she manifested that dream.