Mary is a professional intuitive specializing in Akashic Records, Dream Interpretation, and Energy Readings. She works with Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Angels and Fairies to bring messages that can help you find clarity, understanding and feel more ease and grace in all situations and life events. 

The Akashic Records, often called the book of life, is a Sacred Spiritual Space in which the knowledge of all lifetimes accumulates. These records can reveal repeating patterns, the energy of people and events, and lessons to be learned. Accessing and relaying this information, Mary Z is able to help clients understand why they attract certain people or energy and how they can consciously make positive changes. “Aha moments abound in this sacred setting.” 

Dream interpretation is a passion for Mary Z and she has become a gifted and respected expert in this field. As a Dream Interpretation Professional, she works with the individual symbolism from each person, teaching the client to notice the repeated themes and patterns appearing during their nightly dreams. “Every little thing that happens in our lives is dreamt before it becomes a reality. Noticing and understanding what is happening during dreamtime empowers us during our waking hours. This is truly my joy and passion, to help you understand your dreams!”



Solid ground on your path to enlightenment