​​All Times Listed In Eastern Time Zone

8:00 pm   The Beacon with Jennifer Fallaw
10:00 pm  Kill Your Addiction with Maria Pau, George Jukes, and Monk Xu 

2:00 pm Universal Treats with Thomas Johansen
​7:00 pm  Your Symmetrical Self with Dr. Samone
9:00 pm Spirit Talk with Jennifer Fezio
10:00 pm The Soul's Edge with Jeanette Dames​ 

1​:00 pm Adventures in Awareness with Shayla Rivera
3:00 pm  Over the Rainbow Show with Bob Brown
7:00 pm  Divine Enlightenment with Susan Gretz 

​7:00 pm  Spiritual Soup with Jewels Rafter & Wendy James
8:00 pm Wake Up To Your Night Life with Mary Zadikoff
​​9:00 pm  Kimla & Company with Kimla Dodds 

3:00 pm  Over the Rainbow Show with Bob Brown
5:00 pm  White Wolf with Jonathan Wolf
7:00 pm  Sci-Fi-Sci-Earth with Becky Escamilla
8:00 pm  D Mystified with DN Frost
9:00 pm  The Maria Morales Show with Maria Morales

Archived Show (Schedule Varies)

6:00 pm  Mommy Take Off Your Cape with Khalilah Williams
7:00 pm  Your Symmetrical Self with Dr. Samone

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