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Psychic Medium, Jennifer Fallaw is an individual gifted with many special talents. Aside from being a published Author of, The Wishflower Field-series, seasoned radio show host, and co-owner and CEO of Beacon of Light Radio, She has a clear connection with angels and spirits, clear knowing and vision, and the ability to project her consciousness to locations and dimensions. Her natural abilities, nurtured by experience, and paired with angel communication, allow her to uplift and enlighten, to help and heal, and to bring understanding to those who are struggling. She does this through her books, radio show and through private readings. Whether you have questions about love, career, life, or want to connect with lost loved ones or angels, Jennifer is sure to provide a clear connection, compassionate experience, and detailed answers.

Each week in Jennifer’s show “The Beacon”, she sheds light on a variety of spiritual topics, offers guidance from the Archangels, and shares results from years of psychic research and inter-dimensional exploration. Learn about the levels of heaven, how to positively create, and to seek your own guidance as she does though inter-dimensional meditation. She specializes in finding the answers that most believe cannot be found. Her focus is, not in glorifying herself, but using her gifts and sharing her talents to lift others and bring them closer to the divine. “The Beacon” is sure to surprise and empower listeners each week with a new and exciting topic.

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