Jennifer Fallaw is an angel intuitive, divine healer, psychic medium, inter-dimensional explorer, published Author, seasoned radio show host, and CEO / Co-Owner of Beacon of Light Radio. Jennifer works with the angels and the divine and has provided hope, answers, healing and guidance to thousands of people internationally. Contact her for a reading today.

Marsi Howell is a psychic Medium,Healer,and Entity remover.Her abilities include, Removing negative entities~from people and place's, assisting spirits to the Light,and physical healing's.Aclairvoyant, clairaudient,Claiolfaction, Claircognizance,Clairsentience--She also has the ability to self-project her consciousness to location's and remote view as well.

Charity Minton is a gifted intuitive, psychic medium, reiki master, and co-owner of Beacon of Light Radio.  Contact her for a reading today.

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